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Surprise Makeover!

Updated: Mar 10

Tips for shopping on a budget:

  • Add a pop of color with a painted or wall-papered accent wall, you can DIY instead of hiring out to paint large areas.

  • If you have the time, comparison shop. Wait for a deal! On any given day, Amazon, Wayfair, overstock, Michaels etc will fluctuate their prices or have a sale. Also, wait for those 20% off one item coupons for stores to get that one big ticket item.

  • shop budget friendly items for decor that won't be touched much like clocks, picture frames etc.

  • use faux fur items for texture (you can throw them in the wash and then brush them back out)

  • reuse any solid furniture you have; buying a new $3,000 set isn't always in the cards and a good wash with new throw pillows and snuggly throw blanket can make your furniture look brand new.

  • Rearranging your furniture can give a whole new feeling to your space... and its Free!!!

  • new light fixtures are less expensive than you think, and if you know someone who can install them for free or cheap its even better!

  • Throw pillows aren't just for looks, sometimes less expensive furniture is less comfortable too. Throw pillows will help combat that extra $$$ you don't have in your budget

  • if you aren't grossed out by it: shop thrift stores! They have some really cool items for really cheap; you can get really mismatched dishes for decor, vases, art ( or good frames for new art).

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