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Painted Stairs + Runner

So I just couldn't stand it anymore...the stair carpet had to go! The 20 year old tan carpet that was there when we moved in was almost impossible to keep clean with 4 kids (not to mention a husband who doesn't stop to wipe his feet either). My daughter spilled a full package of bronzer powder all over the stairs and that was my last straw. I was 4 weeks postpartum, so I had my husband rip up the carpet and take out the nails. I am not proud of myself, but I definitely let the stairs sit bare for like a month...

After putting my 12-year-old to work on removing staples, I finished up removing the last of the staples with a super simple, yet handy tool (link below). I also had quite a bit of adhesive to scrape off of a few stairs.

This isn't HGTV where you rip up carpet and there are glorious wood floors underneath, I was working with construction grade stairs. So I cleaned them well, then added wood filler and caulk to the bigger holes and seams.

Ok so here is where it gets fun! I wanted black stairs with a runner. I opted not to do padding because I am not sure what I want to do with my stairs longterm. If this is a long term thing for you I definitely recommend adding some padding underneath, because stairs can be loud!!!

I painted the stairs using floor paint that did not require priming for wood application. I tinted it in (surprise) Tricorn Black from Lowe’s. Tricorn black is one of the truest blacks you will find. It won’t look purple or blue or brown in different light. I did 2 coats, each right before bed so it could dry overnight without one of my kids messing it up.

Now, it was time for the runner! I have never done anything like this before and it’s a bit of work but not impossible. I had an electric staple gun, but the cheap manual one ended up working better, so I so I ended up using it more for this particular project.

I measured from each side of the wall and marked where the runner would sit with a pencil to help guide me (spoiler alert it still won’t be perfect). I started at the top since I was using one large piece of runner. It you are using small pieces I’m sure you can start from the bottom. I stapled my runner on the top step and worked my way down peeling off the carpet tape as I went (see pictures below). I stapled directly under the tread 4-5 staples and then the seam 4-5 staples. If I had to do it all over, I WOULD NOT have chosen this pattern. It is unforgiving if you get a little crooked. I would choose something solid or not geometric in pattern. For my budget, this runner was great and I think will last until I decide to change it.

What I used:

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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