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NO WIRING Sconce Hack

Updated: Mar 10

To be upfront: these lights are not super bright, but make awesome reading lights or accents for pictures and artwork. I totally saw this on TikTok and had to try it for myself!

This post contains affiliated links for I felt this was the most convenient option for new DIYers who don’t want to get lost in a large store. I also get a lot of my decor items from Amazon so it just made sense! If you want to get Amazon Prime while you are doing your projects, you can click HERE.

Step 1: Buy any sconce in the look you are going for. Just make sure that it has enough space for a puck light. Looking for ones made for full size bulbs should help. Also look for sconces where the bulb isn’t meant to show much. Here is the one I used in my brother’s house:

Here is the one I used for my house:

Step 2: Pick out your puck lights. I chose dimmable rechargeable puck lights! I hate dealing with batteries, that way I can have a puck light charging while the others are in use. Also, these specific ones have a motion sensor option which I really like. There are puck lights that change color also SOOOO COOL.

Step 3: Buy a bulb adapter to glue your puck light to. You want the bottom to be the same size as your sconce, so if your sconce is for a full size bulb, you want to look for an adapter from a candelabra size to a full size. There are also outlet adaptors. See below:

Step 4: use your choice of strong glue to adhere your puck light to your adapter. Let this sit overnight. I used liquid nails, but had to reapply a second layer. I may use regular Super glue next time and see how it goes.

Step 5: Install Sconce to your wall. You don’t need any of the electrical stuff that comes with your sconce since we aren’t hard wiring or plugging the sconce in. Just follow the sconce directions for the mounting plate and you should be good to go!


***a new option that I haven’t tried yet is Rechargable Bulbs, let me know of you’ve used them! The only downside is I haven’t found one that is dimmable or motion sensor and I really like that about my current puck lights.

For the cheap…. Cheap cheap cheap plastic frames with thin plexiglass I have my kids artwork in under the sconces: click here.

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